400MG CBD Vape Cartridge

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Naturally Peaked Health Co. brings high-quality CBD liquid and naturally derived plant terpenes to ensure the purest experience possible. Derived from 100% industrial hemp and organically grown in Colorado.


  • 510 Threaded
  • 400MG Full Spectrum Organic CBD Cartridge
  • 1ML Cartridge


  • Pineapple Express (S)
  • Watermelon (I)
  • Clementine (S)
  • Zkittles (I)
  • Blue Dream (H)
  • TahoeOG (I)
  • Gelato (I)
Strains Legend:
  • (S) - Sativa
  • (I) - Indica
  • (H) - Hybrid
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Full-Panel Lab Certification: Full-Panel Lab Certification

Strain Profiles:

Tahoe OG

This is an indica-dominant cartridge that is noted for having strong relaxation properties. The mood-boosting effects may be beneficial for those affected by depression, and the terpenes in this cartridge could also help to stimulate appetite.

Seeking a natural sleeping aid? Then Tahoe OG might be the best cartridge for you in the Peaked range. This product is renowned for having a pungent, earthy and piney flavor.


Another soothing indica-dominant cartridge, Watermelon is effective for those who are feeling stressed out by life and unable to relax. This strain has antidepressant effects, and will leave you feeling happy while still in full mental control.

If you suffer from both pain and inflammation, then the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of this cartridge work in tandem to bring you relief. The sweet and tropical notes of Watermelon are great if you like your vape juice to have a fruity punch.

Pineapple Express

This is a famous strain, and the pre-filled cartridge from Naturally Peaked is one we are sure you will love if you enjoy sativa effects. The energizing properties of this e-liquid work a treat for those in a depressive slump, and are also therapeutic for fatigue – especially if it is affecting your cognitive functioning.

As you would anticipate, Pineapple Express is loaded with sweet, fruity flavors that will make you keep coming back to this vape juice.


Classed as an indica, Gelato is really effective for stress and anxiety, producing relaxing and mood-enhancing benefits. The uplifting nature of this strain may also give you a creativity spark. Like all indicas, Gelato can be used to combat pain and may also be helpful for treating headaches.

Blue Dream

This is the sole hybrid cartridge in the Naturally Peaked selection, and is the perfect strain if you want a mix of indica and sativa effects. This cartridge works well for those who desire pain relief but still need to be on top of their mental game throughout the day. A tasty cartridge, sweet, berry flavors shine through with Blue Dream.


Another excellent indica that combines the best of the Grapefruit and Grape Ape strains, Zkittles has a potent relaxing effect and is therefore excellent for chronic pain, and neuropathic pain – the latter in particular thanks to the rapid delivery of cannabinoids that you get with cartridges. Also try Zkittles if you have insomnia, high stress levels or depression.


Another super sativa from Naturally Peaked, Clementine has a delicious, fruity taste, and is sure to leave you feeling clear-headed and mentally awake. To maximize the cognitive benefits of this cartridge, you may find it more prudent to only take low doses of CBD, as higher doses can make you sleepy.

Made with Love:

This product contains the highest quality CBD oil, Natural Terpenes and Glycol, and with 0% THC & 0% Nicotine.

Warning: Cartridge has been tested for use with a 510 threaded, 3.7 volt, button-activated vaporizer battery. It is not recommended to exceed 4.2 volts

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